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We have put together some recent pics for you to get a feel of our lovely Cottage.

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Seville orange sweet marmalade

On the bottom rows of pics is our Seville Orange sweet marmalade awaiting your arrival! It is so delicious we thought you might like the recipe as well as seeing the pics.


1.5kg (3lb) washed Seville oranges
2 lemons
3.6 litres (6 pints) water
3kg (6lb) Sugar
One sachet of pectin (or Certo can be used)


Use Seville bitter oranges that can only be bought for a few days/weeks in January. Half the oranges and squeeze out the juice and pips. Discard pips and membrane. Slice the orange peel thinly or thickly and put it into a preserving pan with the fruit juices. (Put peel into pan plus juice plus 6 pints of water and leave to soak overnight).

Add the sugar, and the pectin, stirring it until it has dissolved then boil the mixture hard for about 15 mins, or until a set is certain and colour has darkened. Test for a set regularly, and when setting point is reached, take the pan off the heat and remove any scum from the top. Pot and cover the marmalade in the usual way. Store in a cool dark place.

The above makes about 10lbs or 5kgs.

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